Abdomed LLC successfully works at the medical market of Ukraine during 15 years. And all this time we provide Ukrainian health care institutions of state of the art medical equipment. But the main branch of our activities still remains Ophthalmology. As result of many visits to international congresses and exhibitions, active searching around a world we've organized direct relationships with leading manufacturers of medical products, we've increased the range of proposed medical goods.

As an exclusive representative, our company represent products of

- A. R. C. Laser GmbH 

- DGH Technology Inc. 

- Danyang Xingda Optical Apparatus Co., Ltd. 

- Ocular Instruments 

- RajImpex

- Rodek Co., Ltd

- Rodenstock Instrumente 

- Unicos Co. Ltd. 

- Shenzhen Moptim Imaging Technique Co.,Ltd 

The main rule, of which carries our enterprise, is an execution of its own obligations within clients. The main rule, of which is guided our enterprise, is an execution of its own obligations to the clients. The wide possibilities in a warranty and post-warranty period is caused by direct relationships with manufacturers and learning of our specialists right at their factories. Flexibility of financial policy from one side, and permanent technical supporting from the other side, provide the best conditions for purchasers. All time our company is in active searching.
Health of nation is a main task of healthcare, and we provide it by all necessary.